TAKEN Season 2

Coming January 2018

Executive producer Luc Besson ("Taken," "The Fifth Element") delivers an action-packed, modern-day prequel to the international blockbuster "Taken" franchise. Clive Standen ("Vikings") stars as Bryan Mills, a younger version of the iconic character from the "Taken" films. A former Green Beret, Mills becomes swept up in quest for vengeance after he fails to protect one of those closest to him. Recruited to join a group of CIA operatives, Mills begins to hone his deadly skill set as he dives headfirst into dangerous missions that test his courage and push him to the edge.

State of the project

Coming January 2018

Delegate production

Europacorp Television, Universal Television


NBC / SFR Play



International distribution

Europacorp (France and USA) and Universal Television (others)