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Following the Guernon case (The Crimson Rivers) back in the 2000s, esteemed police captain, Pierre Niemans, is placed as the head of a new unit: the Central Office of Blood Crimes. This new and confidential division handles the most sensitive of cases – often ones dealing with ruthless serial murders with little evidence.

During a particularly tough case, Niemans teams up with his former student, Camille Delaunay. Together, the new dynamic duo trek all over France with eccentric methodology to investigate complicated murders. Confident, brave, and a little quirky, the crime-solving duo is willing to go to whatever lengths necessary to crack a case.

Pierre Niemans
Pragmatic and direct, Captain Pierre Niemans is a French police legend who likes to live by his own set of rules. Spouseless and childless, Niemans is able to give 100% of his energy to his investigations, truly pushing himself to the limit. But under his rigid cop-appearance, Niemans is a generous and kind-hearted man, haunted by the evil he’s made a living of chasing.

Camille Delaunay
The former female star of the police academy, Delaunay can’t resist the opportunity to team up with the distinguished police legend. A young and energetic woman, Delaunay makes for a ferocious cop – one who is willing to put her life on the line for Niemans, the friend and mentor who taught her everything she knows.

State of the project

In production

Directed by

Ivan Fegyveres, Olivier Barma and Julius Berg

Written by

TV series created by Jean-Christophe Grangé from Jean-Christophe Grange's novel.


Olivier Marchal, Erika Sainte




France 2 et ZDF